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Aura Leggings


Style. Comfort. Quality. The design principles remain the same. 

When we were designing this piece, we thought, "what do ladies want in a pair of leggings?". After much research, we found that comfort whilst exercising is key to everything, whether this is through ventilation, fit or appearance. Having the confidence to exercise whilst looking great and feeling better. We used the eco-friendly material, bamboo as our primary material. Bamboo is ultra-soft, heat-regulating, anti-bacterial and it is not translucent. We kept the design minimal, letting the fit and the quality of the product do the talking. 

Our Environmental Impact:

We used bamboo and organic cotton as the primary materials in this product. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on earth. In some cases, it has grown 120cm per day! It is also an extremely eco-friendly plant since it requires very little water to grow it; it uses no chemicals and it absorbs more carbon dioxide than timber and cotton! Furthermore, bamboo is 100% naturally biodegradable when put in soil!

Organic cotton is essentially the natural version of cotton. It requires much less water and is not treated at all by chemicals meaning that it is not only an amazing material but is also amazingly eco-friendly.

Elastane is the material we want to minimise. This product has a small percentage of it because it is essential for the product to have that elastic feel and we will be searching for ways to minimise and replace it. 


  • Bamboo 60%, Organic Cotton 24%, Elastane 16%
  • Designed in Ireland, Ethically produced in China
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Ultra-soft
  • Side-panels


  • True to size
  • Model is 5'7 with lean frame wearing size small
  • Fitted to waist 
  • Check out our size guide


  • Wash 30 degrees celsius
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron inside out


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