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Our Environmental Pledge


Traditional Clothing is destroying the environment.



  • Fashion is the 2nd largest contributor to climate change.
  • One inorganic cotton tee = 2700 litres of water = Average person drinks in 2.5 years (NatGeo)
  • Insecticides & Pesticides cause cancer & birth defects. Inorganic Cotton is responsible for 24% of insecticides and 11% of pesticides (WWF)
  • Polyester, when washed, releases microfibres which are responsible for 34% of microplastics found in the ocean (IUCN)


What are we doing to make a difference?

Eco-Friendly Materials:

  • We use Bamboo and Organic Cotton as our primary materials for our clothing.
  • Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on Earth and has been known to grow 120cm per day without interference from insecticides or pesticides. Not to mention it is naturally soft, breathable and thermo-regulating!
  • Bamboo also absorbs a significantly higher amount of carbon dioxide, as well as released more oxygen than other plant-based materials. 
  • Bamboo is naturally biodegradable meaning that fully bamboo products are able to decompose in the soil once they are finished. Note: they only biodegrade when in the ground! 
  • Organic cotton is the same material as inorganic cotton, without the huge environmental costs! Essentially, organic cotton uses less water and is not treated by chemicals meaning that there is no environmental damage.


Environmental Practices:

  • You purchase, we plant! We teamed up with One Tree Planted to plant a tree in places like the Amazon for every purchase you make.
  • Our packaging is made from cardboard or occasionally biodegradable plastic meaning that we are 100% free from plastics which clog the environment!
  • We aim to limit our quantity so that we are not wasting a single item.
  • Our manufacturing partners are WRAP, GOTS and OEKO accredited  meaning that they promote ethical manufacturing with responsible materials and practices.
  • We work with the Carbon Foundation so that you can donate spare change to fund renewable projects. 
  • We want to make sustainable clothing affordable to everyone, not just for the select few. Thus, we eat into our profit margin to provide products at an affordable price. 


One of our main goals is to continually improve our environmental practices so that we can make a difference to the fashion industry and its harmful environmental impact.  


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