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May 14, 2019 1 min read

Abs are made in the kitchen

Nothing is more true when losing fat. 

You are eating healthy but its impossible to be perfect with your calories and diet when busy so what can you do? 

Well, we can burn calories and this means that the calories you took from that quick bite earlier don't have to impact your weight loss goal.

Here is the most relevant (& easiest ways):

1. Walk as much as you can

By walking you are burning cals. Walk quickly to get your heart rate around 100-120 BPM for 10mins+ for optimal weight loss. Walk on your breaks, walk to work, park further away, whatever it takes.

2. Cycle to work

Save the environment and your wallet. Cycling burns a lot of calories so get out as much as you can!

3. Take the Stairs

The stair-master at the gym is one of the best low intensity cardio exercises there is. If you can do your cardio at work then that will save you loads of time.

Hope this helped!

 #MakeADifference #Conquer

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